Bold and Beautiful

My morning coffee, black, bold, smooth with life to spare. That is the flavor of the new Nicaraguan Coffee Beans. They really are full of flavor. The beans are roasted to perfection and ground fresh to make the perfect cup of fair trade coffee.

I love Bolivian coffee however, this new batch of Nicaraguan coffee has the smooth follow through of bitter bite that makes my taste buds dance. My morning is not complete without a cup of black coffee. Fresh roasted coffee beans that are organic and flavorful is they way to starting a great day. The Nicaraguan coffee beans make that day starter even more enjoyable.

By taking the perfectly processed green coffee beans and slowly roasting them to just the desired darkness we allow the ground coffee to express its full flavor profile in your cup. Grind your custom batch roasted coffee beans to your desired strength. Brew your coffee and enjoy the best cup of coffee you will have this morning. Enjoying Nicaraguan coffee is easy.

Wishing The Coffee World a Joyous New Year

This is the New Year that we start thinking and caring about the world around ourselves. This is the New Year of Fair Trade, fair capitalism, fair survival of community, and the combining of liberal and conservative thought. This New Year will be the year to take the citizens of the planet to a new direction. Simple acts of thought and kindness will lead us on and change the world. This is my thoughts of a New Year.

The simple act of caring about what you purchase can make a big difference in many different directions. Think about how your purchasing affects those around the world. By making a purchase of quality Fair Trade Coffee over your usual cup affects a score of people. The quality of people’s lives affected most are the communities of the coffee farmers, plantation, and family members. By making a purchase of quality Fair Trade Coffee over your usual cup you help set in motion a difference in life. Your thoughtful purchase makes you feel good. The direction of your purchase helps build a better life for others. Children can attend school and enjoy an educated life. Healthier water, food, and lands are realized. A community half a world away will realize a much better New Year and continued life. Continue Reading

Drinking Incredibly Great Coffee

When was the last time you sat at home and enjoyed a truly great cup of coffee that you just brewed from fresh roasted coffee beans? When was the last time that you enjoyed a great cup of coffee? Unfortunately you did not find it at the local coffee shop. Few local coffee shops roast your coffee beans when you place your order. Few local coffee shops even have the facilities to roast coffee beans fresh for you.

That is why there a trend towards small roasters that specialize in sales over the internet of truly remarkable high quality fresh roasted coffee beans. By reaching out to individual single source coffee plantations that provide fair trade coffee you get the best coffee freshly roasted and delivered to your door. You receive and enjoy the best quality, perfect service, and a cup of coffee that you can not obtain at your local coffee shop. And best of all cost for pound is delivered cheaper to you than buying from the local store. Best of all you receive coffee that is roasted when you place your order so you receive the very freshest in roasted coffee beans. Continue Reading

What Coffee Are You Drinking Today?

When was the last time you had a truly great cup of coffee? When was the last time you had a truly great cup of freshly roasted coffee? When was the last time you had a truly great cup of freshly roasted fair trade coffee? And, please do not answer “this morning from Starbucks”!

There is little that is better than waking up and enjoying that first sip of just brewed, just ground, fresh roasted coffee. There is little that is better than enjoying the eye opening splash of fair trade organic coffee that was roasted just after you had placed your order for it. Continue Reading

Storing Coffee Always Worth Revisiting

A good thing to remember and be reminded of is the proper way to store fresh roasted coffee beans. First off it is best to purchase fresh roasted coffee beans in small quantities. The quality of roasted coffee beans breaks down quickly becoming stale and less palatable. When ordering fresh roasted coffee beans only order enough for approximately 3 to 4 weeks of brewing. This seems to be a good amount to keep on hand. 5 pounds seems to be a good ordering amount for most coffee drinkers.

To store your daily supply of coffee it is important to store your coffee in air tight containers that are kept out of the light. After all it is air and light that destroys the flavor and quality of coffee most quickly. Store your newly purchased fresh roasted coffee beans in an airtight container. An air tight coffee canister that light can not penetrate is a great investment. Glass jars work well too.  A Mason style jar with sealing lid is an excellent container as long as you keep the jar tightly sealed and stored in a dark place. Always keep the containers out of heat and direct light. Remember that refrigerating or freezing your fresh roasted coffee beans will destroy the freshness too. The moisture in the cold air will deteriorate your fresh roasted coffee beans quickly. Continue Reading

Coffee Alleviates Depression in Women

Being an avid coffee drinker I have always known that coffee lifts the spirits. I am always joyed with the fact of drinking Fair Trade Coffee. Now we find medical study proof that coffee does some people a lot of good. Yes this study is still preliminary, however it is very good news to those women who drink coffee every day.

Coffee seems to alleviate depression in women. See this article in the news. It was published in September of last year. Just remember that Fair Trade Coffee is the ethical choice.

Bolivian Coffee Beans

It is hard to be wrong if when you are shopping of quality fresh roasted coffee beans to discover Bolivian Coffee. Fair trade coffee that is grown inBolivia shows quality in drinkability. The flavor is soothing with just the right hints of earth and acidity for perfect enjoyment. Bolivian Coffee is grown in a perfect environment for quality coffee brewing.

The mountains of Bolivia are high. The coffee growing region in centralBolivia is near Santa Cruz and La Paz. The soil fertile and perfect for the quality of coffee expected for fair trade coffee sales. The mountain air is cool making for a perfect growing environment. You will find that it is hard to go wrong if you purchase fresh roasted coffee beans that are Bolivian grown when shopping for coffee online. Continue Reading

It’s A Matter Of Habit

coffeeIt is a matter of habit, a mind-set about the routines we follow in our lives. Habits are the way in which we run our lives. We get up in the morning grind our coffee, make a pot, do our toiletries, shower, shave, drink our coffee, and head out the door for work. We shop in the same manner. People tend to go to the same stores to shop. They even follow the same flow through the aisle they buy from. They pick up familiar items that they like, filling their basket. This is the habit of food and drink. We do not always stop and look at what we buy. We do not understand the cycles of manufacturing or the labels of ingredients. We do not always consider the ethical dilemma of the purchase of one brand or type of product over another.

Do you consider the coffee that you drink? Do you consider the brand, where the coffee came from, or the story behind the coffee beans you buy? You probably are like the millions who have the habit of picking up coffee at the grocery store or the corner shop because it is convenient. You recognize the bag. It looks good to you. Continue Reading

The Great Coffee Challenge

coffee sampleHave you found your best cup of coffee, yet? Is there a fair trade coffee bean that is grown that makes your taste buds sing Aaaaaa?

Once again, I challenge you to find that perfect roast of fair trade coffee. I challenge you to find the growing region as well as the roast that satisfies your unique cup of coffee craving.

How do you do this? Take advantage of Your Online Coffee’s coffee challenge.

Try many coffees and keep track of what you like. Purchase one of the sampler packs. Test the different roasts and regional estate grown coffees that are offered. Make sure that you are selecting well grown fair trade earth friendly coffee. Brew one coffee one day and another next. Compare! Buying several 4 ounce bags or half pound bags of organic fair trade coffee at a time. Fill your coffee larder as well as satisfies your weekly needs. Continue Reading

I Buy My Fair Trade Coffee Online

I heard from an acquaintance the other day, they live in the UK somewhere. They said that they could buy Fair Trade Coffee at their local coffee shop for less than what fair trade coffee is sold for online. Is this true? I am not sure. From the prices I see in the market place as well as online the prices seem to be very comparable. Maybe it is possible to find fair trade and organic coffee at a local shop for a cheaper price. Then again maybe not.

Here in the United States this is not always the case. Sometimes it is just the appearance of less cost. There is so much that goes into the true cost of a cup of coffee. Of course the retail price of the roasted beans is the big “in your face” aspect. Retail price is what most of us look at and stop at when considering price. However, one must consider the cost of getting to the store in which you purchase your coffee. With the cost of gasoline today if you drive there is added cost. If you are buying your bag of coffee while doing your general shopping then the price of fuel may not be considered. Continue Reading