Bold and Beautiful

My morning coffee, black, bold, smooth with life to spare. That is the flavor of the new Nicaraguan Coffee Beans. They really are full of flavor. The beans are roasted to perfection and ground fresh to make the perfect cup of fair trade coffee.

I love Bolivian coffee however, this new batch of Nicaraguan coffee has the smooth follow through of bitter bite that makes my taste buds dance. My morning is not complete without a cup of black coffee. Fresh roasted coffee beans that are organic and flavorful is they way to starting a great day. The Nicaraguan coffee beans make that day starter even more enjoyable.

By taking the perfectly processed green coffee beans and slowly roasting them to just the desired darkness we allow the ground coffee to express its full flavor profile in your cup. Grind your custom batch roasted coffee beans to your desired strength. Brew your coffee and enjoy the best cup of coffee you will have this morning. Enjoying Nicaraguan coffee is easy.


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